Episode #19- Top 10 tips for being Diabetic and Healthy

Being Diabetic isn’t easy. So I’ve put together our top 10 tips for being Diabetic and healthy to make your life a little easier.


  1. Move more – not talking about workouts, day to day.
  2. Stay hydrated – so important, so simple.
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Exercise
  5. Fitness Journal
  6. Eat a varied Diet
  7. Don’t expect perfection
  8. Find a diabuddy
  9. If it’s not working try something else
  10. Be kind to yourself

I talk through each of these top 10 tips to tell you how quick and simply it can be to feel even healthier.

 Top 10 tips 

#1 Move more – not talking about workouts, day to day. 

  • Simple things like take the stairs 
  • Park further away 
  • Walk when you can 
  • Make calls stood up

Maximise the steps you take. Helps regulate blood sugars and weight management

#2 Stay hydrated – so important, so simple. 

  • 2 litres a day 
  • Dehydration has huge impact on BG
  • Less water means higher blood sugar concentration 
  • Large bottle to keep track. Refill 2-3 times not 8-10 like a glass

#3 Get enough sleep 

  • Easier said than done but do your best
  • Knock on effect 
  • Lack of sleep affects appetite, amounts and food choice 
  • In turn effects BG 
  • Impacts mood which also effects BG 
  • Wind down

#4 Exercise 

  • Anything is better than nothing
  • So much choice, gym, home, walk, swim etc 
  • 5 fundamentals of fitness cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. 
  • In a perfect world you would work on all of these things but you can’t go from 0-100 
  • Make a start somewhere. Find what you enjoy. Or what you hate least! 
  •  Benefits to your health and BG 

#5 Fitness Journal 

  • Document your workouts 
  • Different exercise will affect BG differently 
  • Find patterns
  • Be proactive 

#6 Eat a varied Diet

  • I don’t agree with any fad diets, celebrity diets, juice diets etc
  • Don’t be too restrictive, even if trying to lose weight
  • Varied diet means eating a variety of foods, ensuring your body gets everything it needs
  • Food is fuel 

#7 Don’t expect perfection

  • Diabetes is complex and complicated
  • Trying to reach ‘perfect’ leads to frustration 
  • Live the healthiest lifestyle you can and do your best

#8 Find a diabuddy 

  • Nobody understands a diabetic like a diabetic 
  • Friend, family, online 
  • Good thing about social media, forums, groups etc 
  • Talk things through
  • Important, look after your mental health

#9 If it’s not working try something else 

  • If your blood sugars are out of control
  • Fighting them everyday 
  • Stop and take things back to basics
  • Write everything down
  • Eat same thing, same time each day, write things down

#10 Be kind to yourself 

  • Diabetes is tough, give yourself credit 
  • Celebrate the small wins
  • Accept it won’t be perfect, there will always be days where it doesn’t behave 

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