Take it back to basics

Has a bad blood sugar reading go on to a bad day of readings? Gone on to a bad few days?!
Do you sometimes feel like your blood sugars are just getting out of control?

Take it back to basics.

Just for a few days try keeping a diary of your food, blood sugar readings and activities.
Try to stick to similar foods and meal times each day.

Write down your blood sugars, before and 2 hours after your meals.

Note down any exercise you have done, checking your blood sugar before and after. Again try to keep this to similar level of intensity at a similar time each day.

Once you have a few days of this to look at, see what you find. Where are the highs? Where are hypos? Are you over treating hypos? Are you over correcting for highs?

Just by going back to basics have your blood sugars already started to improve?

It’s easy for our blood sugars to snowball and it can feel like the control is getting away from us.
Stop, take a breath and take it back to basics. It can be like hitting a reset button.

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