Nutrition and how the current lockdown situation is affecting Diabetics and their usual eating habits

Isi, who is a Specialist Diabetes Dietitian and a member of the Diabetic and healthy team, joins me again for another podcast episode.

This week we are talking all about nutrition and how the current lockdown situation is affecting peoples usual eating habits.

In this episode we cover:

  • How the current lockdown situation has affected people’s diet and also their Diabetes management
  • What seems to be the most common reaction, in terms of eating habits, to being in lockdown
  • How the change in people’s eating habits is having an impact on their blood sugar levels
  • Isi’s top tips to help people make some positive changes to their diet

How to get in contact:

Isi Hooley
Isi HooleyDiabetes Dietician
One of the§ Diabetic and healthy team and she is a Diabetes Specialist Dietician