I wanted to create a way of helping people with Diabetes to live healthy lives from somebody that understands, first hand, what life is like with Diabetes but I’ll also be bringing in the experts to help with their specialist areas.

Together we want to help make living a healthy and happy life with Diabetes easier.

I will also be building a safe online community of like minded individuals with Diabetes where you can share stories, experiences and ask questions without fear of any judgement.

My Story

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 14 years ago and I’m a Level 4 Qualified Personal Trainer specialising in working with people with Diabetes.

From my own personal experience I know that sometimes it can feel frustrating being told how to control your Diabetes by people who aren’t Diabetic themselves.

I couldn’t be without my Diabetes consultant, nurses, dietitian etc, they are experts in their field and they certainly have their place but they don’t know how it feels to deal with the condition day in, day out.

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Charlotte x