Wow! What a year 2020 has been!

In this week’s episode I run through some impressive stats about the podcast this year including the top 3 most downloaded episodes. 

I say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved or supported Diabetic and Healthy this year AND let you know why you can’t miss the first episode of 2021

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Speaker 1: Hello, and [00:00:30] welcome to the fifth episode of the diabetic and healthy podcast. And this is the last episode of 2020, um, is just a short episode this week. I really, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everybody who has, who has listened to a podcast who has downloaded, who has [00:01:00] got in touch with me? Um, yeah, just a massive, massive thank you to every single one of you genuinely really, really appreciated. I mean, when I sat here recording the first episode, I had absolutely no idea what was in store for us this year. Um, obviously nobody did, it's been such a crazy year and I know that it has Visha has definitely [00:01:30] divided some people, but also it has definitely brought people together. So VAT is VAT is one positive we can take from 2020. Um, and I have virtually mapped some of the most amazing people this year since, um, since starting diabetic and healthy and having the social media platforms, uh, on Instagram and on Facebook and obviously for UV, [00:02:00] um, free a podcast.

Speaker 2: So I am just massively grateful for, for everyone who ha who has got in touch or who is engaged, um, with, with the social media platforms and things like that. It's just been amazing to, to get to speak to all of you all over world. Absolutely incredible. So big, big, thank you. Um, I want to give a massive thanks to Izzy. So for those of you who regularly listen to the podcast, [00:02:30] um, your name is he is a specialist, diabetes dietician, and she has featured on several of the podcast episodes, uh, talking about nutrition. So a massive thank you to Izzy for her time and her expertise. I've had some incredible special guests on the show this year, and I want to say a huge, huge, huge thank you to all of them for taking a time for sharing their stories [00:03:00] for, for being so honest.

Speaker 2: Just a massive thank you. Um, I have loved doing the whole, uh, the whole, your stories episode. So VAT is going to continue next year for anyone who would like to share their story. Um, I've just find it absolutely fascinating. So there was the very first your stories episode was with Nick auto in Florida, um, insulin junkie. So he was kind enough to share his type [00:03:30] one story and some really like personal, um, personal information about himself and his life. And he then came back on again for another episode to talk all about mental health. Um, and that has just been such an important subject this year. Um, you know, this year more than more than any other, I think. So that was really appreciated Nick and I became friends from, from talking to each other on the podcast and, um, you know, staying in touch via social media [00:04:00] and yeah, he has recently moved house to be closer to his friends and family, which is great to hear, especially this time of year.

Speaker 2: That's very nice. Um, so massive, thank you to Nick who was the first one to come on board and, and share his story and be really honest. Um, since then I've had several more amazing people with diabetes come on and share their story. So massive, massive, thank you to every single one of you for anyone who is a bit of a stats geek, I've got some stats for you on the podcast [00:04:30] for anyone who's interested. So, um, the diabetic health podcast has been downloaded in 73 countries. So that alone like blows my mind, but I'm just sat here talking away, but it's yeah. Gone around the world. So that's amazing. Um, the top five countries where it's been downloaded IM is the UK is number one, then the USA and Canada, Australia, and India, your top episode. So [00:05:00] this is by, um, by download numbers.

Speaker 2: So number one was my top 10 tips for being diabetic and healthy. Second was Amy story. Um, so one of your stories, episodes, um, lovely girl called Amy came on fairly recently, um, diagnosed, or I say fairly recently, she was diagnosed in the first lockdown, bless her. So really, really strange time for her. Um, and she was kind enough to come on and talk about that. So if you, if you haven't listened to that one, please [00:05:30] do check out Amy's story. Um, and your third, uh, most downloaded episode was top five nutrition tips. The highest ranking position in the UK for the podcast this year has been number nine in nutrition podcast. So let's try and make it top five next year. That's my goal. And that is pretty much it. I just wanted to do a little round up. I wanted to say hi, and this weird little time between [00:06:00] Christmas and new year when no one knows what dad is.

Speaker 2: Um, but yeah, really wanted to say thank you to everybody for your ongoing support. Uh, next week, I'll be kicking off a new year with a amazing your stories episode. Really, really excited about everyone hearing this one. Um, it's honestly the most inspiring story. So do not mess the first podcast of 2021. If you haven't already make sure you [00:06:30] hit subscribe on a podcast and that way you get notified. So you never miss a show. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you again. Whatever happens in 2021, I hope everybody finds happiness stays healthy and most importantly women. So until next time stay happy.

Speaker 1: This episode has ended, but your journey towards a healthy and happy life continues [00:07:00] head on over to diabetic and and join the conversation with other diabetics and their families. All the information in this episode is not designed to replace the advice from the health professional team. Looking after you and your diabetes before making any significant lifestyle changes, do consult them with your doctor.

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